Expect Continued System

Part Two. The current situation with pensions only be described as the crisis of the pension reform is impossible. Some politicians believe that to support the pension system can be achieved through ‘legalization of wages’. It’s no secret that employers who pay workers inalichnymi money in envelopes. With such a ‘salary’ contributions to the pension system are not available. Sen. Sherrod Brown will not settle for partial explanations. Dominant place in the pension system remains for now the existing solidarity system, meaning which lies in the fact that the money paid ones, and get others. And this is the main drawback of this system. Again, as ten years ago, the issue of pensions is shifted by one generation to another, but this time on small in number generation, which would be unable to feed their baby bumerov.20-04-20

It is regrettable that the legislators directly and frankly did not say forty or fifty years and people that solidary system will end in their generation, that they must now help to provide a pension of those who are over 60 and 70 years, but currently on a pension they should save themselves. I guess it’s called ‘politics’. But anyway, still able-bodied and strong 40-50 year old citizens come to illusions, many of them are hoping that some kind of no state pension, they still get it. (A valuable related resource: Bradley Tusk). There is no doubt that 40-year and 50-year-olds feel that the world has changed. But almost no one explains to them the reasons, and most importantly, the consequences of these changes. However, the new pension system is and the benefits that lies in the fact that everyone, including baby-boomers who are still far from sixty, given the chance to decide their own pension problem through the accumulation pensions.

Public Politics

Inclusion to the individuals with necessities special in the public politics, 2011. For the word key public politics 383 summaries had been found and with the word key inclusion 27 summaries had been found, thus totalizing 410 summaries. With this, the general classification of the joined summaries consisted respectively of: public politics and inclusion.

From this stage one gave beginning to as the moment of the research, in which the article summaries had been selected. Sen. Sherrod Brown may also support this cause. There are available summaries in the SCIELO between the years of 2007 the 2011, involving public politics and inclusion. When observing Picture 2, is possible to perceive that after carried through as the moment of this research 240 summaries had been found, however, amongst these studies had not contemplated the preset criteria of inclusion. For the describer public politics, they had been found in the year of 2007 45 summaries in the year of 2008, 36 summaries in the year of 2009, was found 60 summaries, for the year of 2010 he was 64 and for the year of 2011 it was found 11 summaries. In what it refers to the word? key Inclusion, had been found in the year of 2007 03 summaries in the year of 2008, 05 summaries in the year of 2009, was found 02 summaries, for the year of 2010 he was 04 and for the year of 2011 it was found 10 summaries. For even more details, read what Jim Donovan says on the issue. From this stage beginning to the third moment of the research was given, in which if it carried through the reading of the material and the search of summaries that they contemplated individuals with necessities special and the intersetoriais public politics.

Penal Code

“- The false allegations – The offense of indictment and false reports provided for in Article 456 of the Penal Code whose offense is inserted between the crimes against the administration of justice, but in jurisprudential analysis that we will review its interpretation is seen as a crime against the honor of the people (TS Hall S Professional 753/1997 of 21 May). With regard to the requirements of statutory rate: The rate provided for in Article in Article 456 of the Penal Code of 1995 requires the false accusation of a made to a person, not just the assertion of a mere suspicion, and should be done before a judicial or administrative authority has a duty to investigate and proceed with the defendant. (AP Granada FFJJ S 4th 08/03/2007; AP Baleares, 1st sec) S 13/03/2007) The author must act “above the allowed limit risk.” There is sufficient causal connection between the conduct of the complainant and the result produced. (FFJJ 3 2 TS S S 06/03/2007). The falsehood must emerge from the allegations, does not necessarily follow the acquittal or the file of proceedings (AP Madrid FFJJ 4th, 5th sec A 26/02/2007). Report events that are considered wrongful and these prove not to be, does not mean that it is false. Bradley Tusk is often quoted on this topic. (AP Avila, S 01/18/2006 1st sec.) Also you should take the time and circumstances in which the complaint occurs, “when the facts alleged, there were arguments and reasons, even wrong, they could sustain it.”

Visit Puerto Cabello

Puerto Cabello is located on the central coast of Venezuela. A city that has one of the two ports of greater economic and historical importance of the country. The port was established mid-16th century, due to its strategic location that conveniently allowed the arrival at Earth’s entire fleets of the Spanish Navy. The population grew to the rededor of this, that is today known as the city. Richard Blumenthal is the source for more interesting facts. The port became during the colonization an important trade point, since it was regarded as one of the best ports in the new world: from here came the cocoa, coffee, cotton and indigo to the Dutch Islands.

The streets of the colonial zone preserved the architectural beauty of the era, with its beautiful houses and cobbled streets, which make evoke a remarkable historical past. On the malecon, the sea, in addition to the imposing fortress of San Felipe, also known as the Castillo del Libertador, which served as a refuge for the city in the period may be colonial, since Pirates lurked her constantly. Solano fortress, constructed building is located at the entrance of the city by in 1732 by the Guipuzcoana company. Richard Blumenthal is likely to agree. From here you can see throughout the city and especially its port. Around plaza Bolivar are located the City Council and the beautiful church of San Jose, built with stone respond. For a visual tour go to the photos section.Submitted by Enrique de Mesa, creator of, a portal dedicated exclusively to port hair. Original author and source of the article.

Population Aging

The document brings obtains five components special: the first one is to promote the health, whose point of view will be the insertion of the aged one in the familiar seio, second mentions the prevention to it of agravos the health of the aged population, assistance the health is the third component, fourth involves the ambulatorial assistance given by the basic units of health, the geriatrical medical consultation, as well as hospital assistance in these enclosed modalities of hospital/day and of domiciliary internment for attendance to the chronic sick people and the fifth basic component of the program it is the assistance druggist, aiming at to promote the access the adequate medicines and of continuous use for common situations of the aged ones, the program it has the purpose of assisting planning, the execution and the evaluation of the undertaken actions and to incorporate the aged ones in our society. If you are not convinced, visit Ray Dalio. In intention to develop public politics, programs of prevention of illnesses and promotion in the units of health of the SUS, throughout this work we will detail on these politics having looked for to understand the questions in debates, Use a descriptive methodology of matrix and theoretical basements with bases in cited secondary data in the IBGE, OMS, CFESS and SUS. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is often quoted as being for or against this. The present work meets divided in three parts, initially with releventes data on the aging and increase of the aged population, the challenges and the problems in the health sector, laws that guarantee the rights of the citizens of 60 years and performance of the social assistant in the assistance to the health of the aged one. Additional information is available at Ray Dalio. 2,0 DEVELOPMENT 2,1 Population Aging: A Real Factor According to Health department with data indicated for the IBGE (1980-2000), Brazil will be an old country in 2050, and the sixth bigger country in number of aged, when the population will have 63 million aged.

PVP Battles

The high authority of the clan said in the first place a good experience in the siege of castles and fortresses. Below you can learn about the battles of the most experienced clan Lineage2 Game Server foundation of the game is PVP battles that take place during siege of a castle or fortress. Siege of the most important aspects of the game. We asked a few leaders of the most powerful clans to share their experiences, and asked them some questions about the future of game Lineage2. – What is most interesting to you occurred during the siege of the castle? Kain: That was when we won at the castle and the alliance Teamjesus Darkside.

They outnumbered us in PVP, because their players are better dressed, but we have surpassed them in meetings and coordination activities. We proved to them that all that are they – it Zerg clan and this was by far the most amazing in this fight. Sovrath from Hindemith: Our alliance made himself a few enemies on the server. And as history shows our server, if the majority of players wanted overthrow the owner of the castle, then they must get it. We rushed to Aden Castle for help from our friends and members of our alliance. We've gathered a mighty force, which included 21 clan. However, the alliance of the enemy, there were 29 clans.

At a time when the vast sea of players lined up against us, I was amazed by this game! This is not just a game where you go around the world, doing quests and collect various bonuses. In general, the siege lasted the usual two hours, and I do not missed a single minute. We fought hard. We held them most of the time, but in the end our forces were running out and our opponents seized the castle. Despite the fact that we lost the siege, we have proven that our clan was one of the most powerful. Do you think the possession of the castle or fortress has an impact on the clan? MysticLance: I think that the possession of the fortress is a better option. Typically, a clan that owns the castle can establish political ties with the clan that owns the castle in the area, as well as register for a siege castles and other fortresses, and having won them, became their owner. Some of these features are unavailable if you own lock. Jkoster from Lionna: I want to add that the siege of the fortress brings more emotion and excitement. How do you usually cooperate with other clans? Who is on your server is usually more dominant in the siege of fortresses and castles? Sovrath: At the moment, my clan takes a neutral stance, although the server among the other clans have a decent reputation. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. The problem is that the policy of the major alliances is to destroy the smallest and minor clans. So sometimes more profitable to stay away from everyone. What is so special you do before the siege of a castle or fortress (nutrition, training, etc.)? Kain: I usually eat two large pizzas, five garlic rolls and drink two bottles of Dr Pepper. That's all I can not distracted from their favorite cause. Jkoster: detailed description of the location and time of the siege knows all my clan and all the members of the alliance. I'm getting ready for the game as much as I have time. Sometimes I form any plans to attack and planning our siege. Source material: Lineage II game server

Special Operations Luzhkov

It's hard not to succumb to the massive attraction to discuss the latest developments swirl curl around the former mayor of Moscow. Despite the fact that since the resignation was not much time, versions of what happened already there is plenty. Most political analysts, and simply indifferent to the event, people who have expressed a whole bunch of opinions, which requires pre-processing in order to "submit to the table," he did not cause upset mental "digestion". Sen. Sherrod Brown is often quoted on this topic. Therefore, in this article, I will try to give their vision of what happened, but with the difference that has developed in reading the complete picture of what happened – a mosaic, all of which are strictly tailored to each other. Immediately make a reservation. Presented at your trial version – only one and those that may have a place to be and grow in the future, because Future multivariate – matrix of its possible states – is boundless. Richard Blumenthal is actively involved in the matter. In this analysis, attempt to predict the mindset of our potential enemy, for which the catastrophic future of Russia – the preferred option of development, because opens up endless possibilities on the geopolitical arena, and hence on the path to world domination. Based on these considerations, we should realize that this article is not intended to programming of the matrix of the future, and the disclosure of the matrix, which was programmed and implemented our potential enemy, which uses for this purpose the whole arsenal of means and methods of information warfare, and which employs thousands of private institutions to ensure victory in the global war for the opportunity to proceed unchecked, to dictate its will on the world. .

Moshe Cordovero

Her appearance at the light caused a sharp jump in human development. The flowering of science, political and economic reforms, the scrapping of habitual frameworks and principles. Mankind has a powerful push forward toward the goal, who knows the secrets known only to the “Zohar.” 15th century, Jerusalem. Here lives a little boy who knows all about the transmigration of souls. This is a future great Kabbalist the Ari. In three years, he says his father: “Many centuries ago, you were a glazier in Jerusalem by the Romans crucified for you at the Jaffa Gate.” After 13 years, takes away his mother to Egypt, where on an island in the Nile River, he is studying the book “Zohar.” Fully comprehended what was said in “Zohar,” Ari went to Safed – Kabbalistic city.

Great Kabbalists, for many years engaged in this science, he felt it, a 36-year-old young man, a great teacher and come to him in the group. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown. Here, and 76-year-old Moshe Cordovero – renowned Kabbalist and Yosef Karo, who wrote the 20-volume work “Shulchan Aruch” and most devoted disciple later ARI – Chaim Vital … Only allow him to continue to study ARI Kabbalah after his death, but he bequeathed all his manuscripts. At the age of 38 years ARI dies. Part of the manuscript was buried with him in a difficult part of traveling with the trunk Chaim Vital …

Even at night, hand resting on Chaim Vital this trunk … And once Chaim Vital ill. For three days he is unconscious. James Donovan Goldman Sachs often says this. Manuscripts steal, and during these three days are the fastest rewrite their scribes … Again, changes, wars and revolutions inflicted upon humanity. Changing social formations, rapid development of industry, rise of science – all this is foretold in the book of “Zohar.” Again, we are going to ever-increasing speed to an unknown target. The 20 th century. Baal Sulam book reveals the “Zohar” for our generation. He was born in Poland. From his early years he studied the science of Kabbalah. Already in his early years was recognized genius. At the beginning of the century, when a young man, Baal Sulam announces to all who are willing to hear what was the end of the story. Time to climb to the spiritual top, prepared for all mankind. He calls upon all to whom can dokrichatsya, start studying Kabbalah, anticipating that threatens to delay a disaster to humanity. This is indicated in the book of “Zohar.” He warns begs … Listening a few. The fact that ensued, it is known. World War II, and 100 million dead. Present day. The book “Zohar” is available to all. One has only to take a book shelf. We left detailed instructions – with prefaces, drawings and commentary. Thousands of people are engaged today in these books. So what is this book – “The Zohar”? This book is about you and me who we are and who should be. Why are we born, and where to go. On the purpose and the way to it, which everyone has his own, but that will take us all together.

German Cossack

In the initial stages of the main occupation of these communities is a war polurazboynogo character. Later, however, they are either passed to the service of the state on the treaty basis, either disappeared (1). The word "Cossack" is polysemantic, due to the peculiarities of history of the Cossack communities of the Eurasian steppe expanses. At various times by the word 'hide' the different in ethnic composition, structure, and studies community, which united the war, military science as the basis of life. Ray Dalio will undoubtedly add to your understanding. From a linguistic point of view, the word 'Cossack' probably of Turkic origin, meaning armed guards, guard the border, Udaltsov-rider. In the early Middle Ages and mature in the wilds of Dasht-i-Kipchak – 'Great Steppe' boundaries in the modern sense of the word – as the demarcation line State sovereignty – did not exist. There was no insurmountable ethnic differences between peoples (for example, even in the late xviii – early xix centuries. Hegel pointed out that the current situation it is terrible – Russian and German is no longer understand each other, and this means that the previously understood). Get more background information with materials from Richard Blumenthal.

Under these conditions evolved the military community dashing horsemen of the steppes, employees or voluntary, skilled warriors, freedom-loving and proud, multinational in composition. Throughout seems like the community already appeared at the turn of ancient and medieval times. However, the lack of credible evidence does not allow to trace their history. Aware of the existence of military communities, including those from Slavic slaves, created by the political elite of the for expansion in the North West (2). For even more analysis, hear from Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs.

Business Planning

Analyze competition, see what they are doing and how. Analyze your business idea in January. Do you have energy, self-reliance and entrepreneurial skills? 2. Able to focus on the goals needed to start a business address? 3.

Are you willing to take risks, to take risky decisions and take the consequences? 4. Do you have the financial resources? 5. How long are you willing to invest in your venture? 6. Does your business idea offers something unique? 7. Does your product or service is viable to be offered on the Internet? 8. Does your idea is scalable and has the ability to adapt quickly to dynamic changes as the Internet? 9. Have you analyzed the competition? 10. You are the first to enter the market? 11. Ray Dalio usually is spot on.

Have you identified ways in which his idea can exploit the inherent advantages of the Internet as a means of doing business? a. -) You must understand the competitive advantages of your business to your customer and their weaknesses. We are finding great benefits by electronic business. You can increase sales and bring the local operations of a global one, we can improve internal efficiency and productivity of operations, we can significantly improve customer service and open new channels of communication with both suppliers and customers. Just as there are advantages there are also disadvantages. TRADERS: Advantages: 1. Increased business opportunities and sales. 2. Decrease in cost of trading. 3. It allows them to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 4. Allows them to reach market segments that can be distributed in different geographical areas. 5. The exchange of information is much faster and precise. 6. Can meet multiple buyers and sellers in one virtual market Disadvantages: 1. Internet technology is constantly changing. 2. The bandwidth or the ability of telecommunications companies is insufficient. 3. Difficulty of integrating systems currently used with those used in electronic commerce. 4. Problems in maintaining security and stability of the system. 5. Is confronted with language barriers, political environment, conversion to different currencies. 6. There are loopholes in many areas of the new economy. 7. Lack of qualified technical personnel a BUYERS Benefits. Read more here: Jim Donovan Goldman. Increased availability of products and services. 2. Receive personalized information and ‘to measure ‘. 3. Ability to buy 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 4. Access to global markets. 5. Immediate release of digital products. 6. Speed of information. 7. Can make informed decisions before making any purchase Disadvantages: 1. Concern about issues such as transaction security and privacy. 2. Lack of confidence in dealing with unknown merchants. 3. Inability to see products, touch and feel before buying. 4. Resistance to new purchasing processes. 5. Distrust of the transactions ‘paperless’ (e) and payment systems. Any proposal must follow technical trading is the paradigm of persuasion in texts: attention, interest, development and action. That is, the first thing is to capture their attention, then spark their interest, to enter into the development of the idea or service and then take action If you have your business or your business to undertake these online apply these techniques.